5 Things To Know About Body, Spirit And Mind

For having a personal spiritual connection to yourself, the person has to understand the important elements of body, spirit and mind upon which the whole human conduct is based upon.

These three bases make our presence in the material world because from the day we come into existence our whole being is established around these three bases. These bases will exist till our death, and the reality is all these components will dissolve from where they came from.

The Body, Spirit And the Mind are the primary structure they are the reason for our desires and our aversions. The only outer things that can harm ourself is only to these three components of our structure and the same as only good we assume from the outer world is only be sufficed on this structure.

In this article, we will understand what these three components are not so spiritual way but to what these three individual bases forms in their own kind and why we have to work with them and in them for the spiritual journey.

What Is the Body?

The body is the physical existence of yourself. The body has a shape that has organs including sensory organs and which is most importantly is made up of physical substance.

The physical substances in the body are made up of some basic elements. The basic elements exist in nature and the body is made of the same stuff. So what are the important component of the body which separate or distinguish it from the nature?

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Important Components of the Body

The physical body has certain components or elements with which the whole is structured itself and it is in the constant change taking elements from nature and mixing back them into nature again.

In spiritual science, these elements are called air, fire, water, space (also sometimes called ether) and earth. These five elements are called the Panchbhoot with which the whole body is made.

These elements are the core building blocks of the body and have their significance with the creation of the whole body.

With this, the living body comes into the exitance after which with time the body changes and the process of ageing start to transforms the appearance of the person, which ultimately leads to such drastic change in large time scale.

The transformation is a continuous process, where a person or being has no control over the conduct and the behaviour of its functioning and the process never stops.

We are, however, a slave to this process and for which we have the desire for food, water so the process may continue without any hindrance. If a person resists or restricts himself from the action of eating, he suffers due to hunger and dies eventually with high mental agony.

This process, although ends with the death of the body, however, nature consumes the material body which ultimately mixes again in the mother nature.

Its Relevancy with the Self

We understood the constant creation of the body then where is the self in it. The only thing we conclude by being in the body is that we have a form of self-manifestation inside the body or with the body.

The body has more relevancy factor with the self while we being persons of having less knowledge about the spiritual wonders, we tend to associate the body with the self and presume to have bodily trips is the ultimate path to the life.

Though there is no wrong in being part of such activities which leads to involving oneself in fulfilling worldly desires but with that, there is no stop from worldly desires. The trip goes on for eternity with nature.

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Therefore, the self has high relevance with the body. The self always seeks happiness and salvation from worldly activities but we end up reloving around the same path without even a single inquiry that we have already dealt with before.

This constant yearning of oneself leads to life and the continuation of the association of the body with the self. The sense of self with the outer objects of the world will continue and there is no stop to it.

How to Disassociate From It?

The most important part is to disassociation the body with the self. Though I being no person to claim that I have fully disassociated myself from worldly life. This word of caution has to be explained because the explanation I have written is dependent upon my readings through various scriptures.

Disassociation of the self from the body begins with strong determination in the mind. The strong the determination the larger will be the scope of disassociation.

This does not mean that the person has to be like a boat not tied with a leash by the port and the boat roaming around where the winds and waves of the oceans take. Whereas, the boat (mind) has to be anchored so strongly with the heavy winds and storms cannot be able to deflect it from its position.

The disassociation is from the worldly aspects of life which have no salvation. The disassociation is not complete negligence of everything but things that make us wither away from the constant involvement in sense pleasure.

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The only good disassociation is the association of the mind on the one goal of the life and the total disregard or affects or presence of the sense pleasure in one’s life.

You will have a healthy self and your mind will be much more in focus on reaching higher levels of understanding.

What We Should Know About the Spirit?

The second part from the trinity of Body, Spirit and Mind, is another important part for which makes the journey complete.

The Spirit is, considered as the Atman, the non-changing, permanent, omniscient and every joy part of one being that, goes from taking multiple births and bares all the actions we take till we die and get rebirth in the samsara.

Spirit does not die, it cannot die it just journey through one life to another and it is part of the higher form the Paramatma.

The goal of the spirit of the human being is to attain higher spiritual actions so that, the spirit can claim the higher adobe of the Paramatma.

It is to be known that, the spirit exists within us and every living being, all our relatives, friends and enemies have part of the Paramatma with us but it does not belong to this material world.

It cannot belong to the material world because it does not contain or get affected by any material world phenomenon of the world.

To further explain, things in the material world are bound by the rules that, something will come into existence, it changes with time and it later dies and decays. However, a spirit or the Atama never dies, it exists as it is and never changes its forms and eventually never suffers within human existence.

The spirit has two purposes of its own, it journeys with a being taking unlimited rebirths, taking various forms but its journey ends when meeting with the Paramatma.

The journey described above is more subtle than the mere English language that can explain with finer detail.

The human goal is to become the Atama that exists within you and have everlasting joy.

What The Mind Takes Us To?

The Mind is the last part of the trinity of the Body, Spirit and Mind.

The analogy of its importance is to be understood with the example of considering a man using a shovel to dig up the ground.

Here, the shovel is to be considered as the body, the ground on which the digging is taking place is to be considered as search for Atama (Spirit) and the man is to be considered as the Mind, which dictates the shovel when and where to dig, in search of the gold.

The mind is where the person has to work with, the person has to focus and remember the immaterial factors of the world.

The mind is the thinking part of the human being, which helps a man to take decisions and to make choices.

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However, one’s mind is a slave to worldly existence and always throws itself in making choices that do not grant liberation but rather only suffering. The mind has to make a choice so that, a person can learn the way to end suffering rather than involving in them.

The person who does, take the right action with thinking in the right way will always escape from suffering. One has to do noble actions and deeds which will help in escaping from the world we suffer.

Thus, the mind takes the path one has to take to seek the Atma and being liberated.


The Body, Spirit and Mind on which the one has to work. Although, the article is written from a spiritual perspective but can also assist one who has high worldly desires to fulfil.

No person can strive for excellence without working on his Body, Spirit and Mind. All able persons in the world have attained it through this way.

From the wealthiest person in the world to a powerful king and spiritual master has revered with going through this path only.

It is the ultimate guide for a person to surpass its lament form of existence.