5 Ways To Find Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is not that hard to understand if you understand some basic fundamentals of why life is given to you. The universe is a dead space of matter which does nothing especially but only abides by the fundamental model of basics of physics where the 4 forces in the universe can only dictate its play.

We on this planet are the result of such play, playing a role in the direction of the universe itself.

But we are sustaining life in abundance over here. We are filled with the concept of life, that’s why we human beings always venture by looking into the stars whether there might be any ‘signs’ of life existing in space.

This explains we enjoy life, we enjoy living beings around us, and we also feel overjoyed when news of a near relative giving birth to a baby or feel sad if someone dies because of old age or for some other reasons.

We as humans love to live. Therefore, this article not only explains the meaning of life but the joy of living.

How Human Life Is Different From Animals?

It is part of the human self-ego that, we first value ourselves, then to our kin, then our community, then our neighbour and at last the other remaining human beings. This sense of tribalism is deeply featured in the human psyche and that resulted in different nations due to ethnicity, language, region or culture.

We always love the fact that we are living and it is our life which has a value of its own.

However, an animal survives on the basis of its acquired instincts and does not know the value of its instinct.

We, therefore, forget how to love every kind of living organism that exists on this planet. Therefore, a mind must be accustomed and learn about the basics of life then he can understand the real meaning of life.

We have designed the concept of life that no other animal has comprehended, we also consider algae and plants as life, which I presume animals do not have in their nature to make such assumption.

If you really understand why we fascinate and love life then we can move to the next part to understand the basics to understand the meaning of it.

Why Do You Want Meaning?

If you are feeling dead inside and do not have the motivation to do anything fruitful for yourself. Then you are in the right place to evaluate the being, the supreme self within you speaking for you to understand the strength you possess.

Here are some major actions you must take to reflect the meaning of life within you.

  • Do What You Love.

Discover within you the things that you love. It could be anything like repairing your motorcycle, taking photographs of nature, studying and writing about the subject you were reading last night. It can be anything that suits you and interests you. Then make a choice can you do it.

Things that define you are the kind of actions you take. You can describe yourself in two lines by commenting below on the thing you love the most. Always appreciate the task you do because it suits you and carries with the flow.

Join a club or people with similar persons doing the same task as you are doing.

Or participate in a Meditation program, which is now being offered by <affiliate program>, that will help you with a raw understanding of the meaning residing within you.

There is a world full of options and possibilities that will bring enhancement to the meaning you determine from it.

  • See Weather You Are Facing Some Discomfort

Observation is the key to finding minute details of resistance with you. See whether doing any task to points where you are feeling discomfort. Seek aid from your near relatives, the people you hang around with. Convey to them, start a conversation that you are facing threatening issues within you and you cannot evaluate how to address them.

If you are a person with a less social approach towards the people you can also convey to NGOs or people who aid these kinds of people in hearing and addressing their issues.

Remember you are not alone and cannot be hurt for being alone. A lot of bad trips happen with people with the right aid they correct themselves and then move forward.

Just like one story of a person I know, who had heartbreak in his life and started alcoholic abuse, not just disturbing himself but people around himself. He was then confronted with every round of aid, having a light conversation with him, he instantly revealed his misery and it became light circumstances for him.

To identify the discomfort within you is not to suffer from it but rather to learn what it is doing and fight against it. These problems will let you win again all odds against you and you will come out of it in time.

  • Isolation Is The Key To Finding The True Meaning

The meaning of life is a journey and for that one has to isolate himself from the things that he is doing. It is more like going to your own personal space where you can talk to yourself. To understand what is going inside you, you have to keep yourself in a relaxed state doing nothing and just observing what thoughts you bring towards you.

So, isolate yourself in a single room where there is nothing but little objects. Keep your head straight up relax and just observe the thoughts in your mind. The thoughts will bring emotions and you will react to them but you will not. Just keep yourself in isolation for one hour.

This is called meditation, an activity where you observe yourself, the movement of your mind and not react to the thoughts which come before you.

This will help you understand the meaning of life, what are you suffering and the process of eradicating your suffering. You become more resilient and sensitive in your activities and you will have meaning in your life.

  • Seek Refuge To A Spiritual Master

Since we have in short discussed the ways in finding the meaning of life, the true meaning of the world and its existence, as well as meaning, can be only understood by a spiritual master or friend.

You will not only find the meaning of life but also the meaning of all suffering in this world. You will also find the true karma and action you must take to liberate yourself from all suffering of the world. No one can teach you on this path without a spiritual master pushing and motivating you.

It is not only finding the meaning of life but finding the true meaning of your existence. A spiritual journey is been considered the only path to happiness for oneself.

Here, I would recommend an amazing program called “Live and Dare”.

They are providing Free Meditation Course, which they claim is the path from Monkey Mind to Monk-Mind.

For now, they have three programs teaching calmness, Limitless of Mind and Master your Mind Program. They have also some short courses that, you know by visiting their website.

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There is a saying that, there is more to something than meets the eye.

If you are seeking the real meaning of life either through your career, passion or by finding the meaning of life itself then there is much to learn for you immensely and I really feel it is something that changes the goals of one’s life itself.

Attaining the knowledge is important, evaluating the difficulties in life is important, and overcoming any new challenge arriving on the path is important.

Life is bound to die one day but what one learns in his life becomes the teaching for the generation coming in future and it will be the tomb of truth.

Just like Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira and Acharya Shankaracharya propagated their life teaching through their teachings is a gold mine for one journey to a higher self.

Knowledge is the key and experience is the path to fulfilment.

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