3 Guided Meditation Programs One Can Explore

We have complex and tough lifestyles. When looking at our life objectively we tend to observe the problems but cannot find the solution for them. That is why gurus from time immemorial have emphasized developing ‘dhyan’ or observation. To find the solution to your problem within.

To develop the level of dhyan you have to train your mind to the extent that all your activities are recorded clearly in your mind and taking full control of your actions. The level of concentration can be accomplished when we train ourselves extensively. One of the solutions for going into such depth is by practicing meditation.

Learning meditation on your own is one thing, but you can ease this process if you participate in a guided meditation program. Because, when you sit cross-legged and practice concentrating on one object you get lost in other thoughts which makes meditation difficult, to begin with. 

That is why we practice initially in a guided meditation program. There are many guided meditation programs that can help you and guide you to recover your mental health, anxiety and help you regain your focus.

What are Guided Meditation Programs?

In a guided meditation program, the structure of the program helps you guide when you sit in a meditation. Whereas, in an unguided or when learning meditation on your own, you have to practice solely in bringing your mind back to the meditation practice.

There are several benefits of guided meditation practices:

    • You have an enhanced focus.
    • The guide helps you bring back your concentration
    • The teachers know what problems you might face in your practice.
    • You advance more fast in your practice
    • You are much more relaxed to overcome stress and anxiety

When you follow the structured format of guided meditation, it relaxes your body and leaves your mind in a calm state. The sessions usually conclude with a sense of completeness when returning to the present movement.

Why Join a Guided Meditation Program Online?

To better understand and take the benefits of meditation, it is best suited to join an online guided meditation program. These programs give a transformative step-by-step guide to achieving inner balance. By joining an online meditation group you can schedule yourself by not going physically anywhere.

It is pretty much understood that online meditation programs help beyond guiding individuals to meditation practice. It reaches out to the individual’s minds by giving them a supportive environment where they can learn from one mentor.

Therefore, it is advisable for an individual to join a guided meditation program. They are led by professionals and experts who have experience guiding new students into meditation practice. These experts help you better understand your stress, loss of focus and emotional well-being. Their guide is the most important aspect that affects your meditation practice.

So, we have prepared a list of 3 guided meditation programs that you can explore:

1. Declutter the Mind: A Journey to Mental Clarity

Cost: Free


    • 400+ free meditation practices
    • Beginners program
    • Mindfulness program
    • Anxiety program 
    • And many more


    • Has a web application platform.

Declutter the Mind, as the name suggests is the end goal of any meditation for the mind. Their goal is to empower others to reach inner calm and peace. 

They have an application that delivers all their 400+ meditation practices on the go. These meditation courses are specially designed for people who are suffering from anxiety, stress, sleep, anger, focus, PTSD and many other mental health issues.

They also sell a program for corporate employees who struggle with deadlines and work culture stress. However, it is a paid program that can only be registered by a corporate entity for their employees. Their guided meditation program for the workplace helps employees to gain focus, productivity, burnout and work stress by empowering their mental well-being.

How to register for their program?

You have to visit their app and you are good to go in choosing the program you want to learn and start practicing. Remember to make your subscription on the website. By subscription, you will get access to their tons of guided meditation programs.

2. Limitless Life Program: Cultivating Present-Moment Awareness

Cost: 14-Day trial then $29


    • Highly recognized
    • 10 min lesson
    • Tracking progress
    • Daily lessons



    • none

Limitless Life Program is a guided meditation program by Giovanni from Live and Dare. The website has many meditation programs under its shelf but, the Limitless Life Program is well suited for a good guided meditation. 

The program brings transformation to your mind and helps you from being anxious to Calm, from being scattered to being more centered and from being fearful to focused. The programs have helped a lot of people who were suffering from anxiety and stress issues.

The best part of the Living Life program is that it will guide you with a daily meditation practice lesson. These daily lessons are curated descriptive and easy to understand from a person. You have just to sit back, relax, and listen to the directions that are given in the lesson. The best part is that the lessons are just 10 min long and won’t take much of your time. You will quickly grasp the direction of the lesson.

One additional benefit this Live and Dare provides is that you can download their mobile app which allows you to track your progress in meditation.

How to register for their program?

Visit this page on the Living Life Program and then click on Sign up. Then you have to sign up for the desired course you want to work with. Select the basic course and click on “Get Started”, You will be then taken to a checkout page where you have to enter your details and then you have completed your registration.

3. Potentials Unlimited: Tapping into Your Inner Strength

Hypnosis because change begins in your mind by Barrie Konicov. Guided Meditation program by Potential Unlimited

Cost: $18-45 USD


    • Offline audio clips
    • 1000+ clips
    • Touches all mental issues
    • Weight loss program
    • Anxiety & stress relieving program



    • Very long list
    • Multiple prices for different programs

The creator of the guided meditation program is a work of amazing personality Late Barrie Konicov. Potentials Unlimited has a different name for their meditation program which is called Subliminal Persuasion Guided Meditation.

They were initially sellers of mp3s, tapes and CDs in the world. By using Potential Unlimited you can unlock and spring forth whatever your mind needs for bringing peace. Their programs are the first step to unlocking the door for better mental health.

The words and voice of Barrie Konicov have benefited millions of people around the world.

Their best-selling products are for weight management and managing your stress programs.

What makes them special?

Their users have gained a positive influence on their well-being. Also, once a user gets an understanding of their product they create a buzz for the benefits among their loved ones. People recommend Potential Unlimited because they have a life-changing experience with them.

How to register for their program?

You can directly visit their program pages and select the program you want to buy. The page will checkout to a cart and page and give you the download link for your system.

You can easily navigate into the page selecting the course you want to work on for your guided meditation practice. Additionally, they also feature a demo audio to give you a better understanding of the program you are searching for. Don’t hesitate to check them out.

Choosing the Right Guided Meditation Program for You

We have given a lot of options with websites having 4000+ programs to 1000+ programs. Some are old and some are new comparatively. You have to decide on the choice of the issue you want to address.

If you are a beginner, you have the option of going with Declutter the Mind, They have a dedicated program for beginners who just for inquiry’s sake want to explore meditation. You, also have Potential Unlimited which has one of the oldest programs active for more than 30 years. Live and Dare, they give you a 14-day trial before you pay for their program.

In my opinion, all the websites are good and have quality guidance in their meditation program. It is you who has to decide whether you want to solve your anxiety issue manage your stress or bring good productivity within you. These things that matter to you will make you reach to program that you want to participate in and work on.