How Do You Define Money Spiritually?

How do you define money spiritually? The question is generally asked by everyone in the material world who determines a way to meet the ends of one’s needs or among the community, which they belong.

This has been the general purpose of the money a currency that defines its real purpose.

But what can be concluded if one goes to the spiritualistic aspect of the money.

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However, from the spiritual perspective, in defining money, it has been considered the root of all evils and thus, one should not occupy their mind with money, which causes distress in one’s life.

Spiritual leaders all over the world, always preach to ‘give up’ all the luxury belongings and their money. But is that is necessary to meet your spiritual end of yours. Is this the real definition of money to ‘give up’ all possessions?

What money does to your mind is what needs to be understood. Hidden between the mind derives the real definition of money, which is created by you. The real reason our minds become weak is that we as humans tend to lean towards, lying, deceit and theft in order to get a bigger pie of money out from someone.

The fancy life we imagine, the desire is woven ourself is might be the reason. Do be understood it more fairly we must make sure to know the design of money.

In an economical sense, it is a medium of exchange in the economy so that payment of goods and services can be made in the society.

However, what we presently see as money is a medium of exchange whereby, people come to a consensus that it will bring in exchange the necessities for the sustenance of life in general.

The money we own or adhere to is characterised by institutions such as banks and the government (whether authoritarianism or democracy)

Our whole lives decision revolves around the paper which is subscribed by the government to its citizen and we also run after it so that, we can acquire more of it.

Therefore, money becomes a very integral part of the present structure of society because it is tangible and it facilitates the necessaries of a human being. But still the question exists how to define money spiritually?

First, we need to understand What are the actual necessities of human life.

We, humans, are intelligent creatures on this planet than any other being here living with us. But with this intelligence, we tend to create a lot of affection towards those things that are never in use for us.

We make ourselves slaves to some commodities because we don’t know what we are doing.

The only relevance is not aiding such mischief that our own minds create is we must ensure that, the medium of exchange (ie the money) is to be controlled in the first place and to understand the meaning and the relevance to it. Such as I have explained the meaning of ‘AUM‘ in my previous article.

How Can Money Be Put To Good Use?

Though in society, monetary needs are required to end our basic needs and to satisfy a healthy life and soul for ourselves, which can also be noted as being money put to good use.

We can also place our money on those things which end the suffering and needs of the people and society we see around us.

Such must be the satisfaction of the ‘need’ that, a person shall not indulge in those actions by placing money that, it will adversely affect the primary purpose of the money we intended to use. Such must be the way to define money spiritually.

We have understood, that the use of money is to end our basic needs of leading a healthy life, and the same purpose while distributing the same should be in mind while placing money in good use.

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A need of the person should be understood, from the thoughts he indulges in daily, the things that make the mind for a never-ending end of desire.

For a corrupt person, it may be intoxicated drinks, lust and gambling, but for a holly spiritual being, it will be nothing but the well being of the whole world and his yearning for the search for truth.

The need with which each person is identified only be tested and invested with money from the beginning.

This is the only way of understanding money and is the definition of money spiritually.

We for now have understood that money is only there to overcome our needs.

From this, we can choose the path of leading a path of simple and holly life or lead ourselves to another way that will only maintain the system of cause and effect of the universe.


  1. […] In our present structure of society, one is always busily engaged in earning cash, money to sustain its living. But what is rather observed is that some people are so much involved in money that they lose the fear of the world and nature that consequently damages our world of nature. With so much money one loses control over his needs and buys and consumes unnecessary and useless for there is no rational justification and real benefit. One control of his wealth also helps a person understand that there is much more than consumption through buying from wealth and just wasting the money to the task or things that have no real purpose. One learns through spirituality the control of his own wealth. For that, a person sees that how unnecessary expenses are flowing away. In spirituality, one learns the control to sense action and with that, we learn about the things that require for survival first and then about the things which can be acquired for non-serious things. No one is perfect and thus, observation and control are firmly established with one action. Also Read: How Do You Define Money Spiritually? […]

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