The Material World And Its Anti-Thesis Question

If we see the world around us, we see that it is filled with beings which have a a sense of bonding and there is a relationship which is ‘ever-changing’. By this knowledge we get the sense of the material world which is limited and does not go beyond its material attribute.

But on the other hand we know about the Brahaman, which is all-knowing and is everything from nothing, it does not require anything and the most important part that, it does not change which can be proposed as phenomenon going anti to the attributes of the material world.

In this article we will discuss about the nature of material world and its relationship with the Brahman, which can be supposedly concluded as an anti-thesis of it.

Does that mean, Brahaman is just an antithesis to the material world?

By the saying of all sages and in the Upanishads, the Brahaman is the Creator of the material world.

From Brahaman the world is created, the rivers, lakes, mountains and the sky all have been created by the Brahaman.

Being accepting this truth that, that is the Brahman. There might be a conclusion that some material is in the Brahaman as well.

But it is wrong, we might never know that the Brahaman is a part of the material world it is just different from it but, came into existence from it.

A person can find Brahman in this material world but will not find the material world inside the Brahman.

There is a sense of caution to the above-written line which is very gross in the understanding of the Brahman, but I can demonstrate to the best of my knowledge and understand that it can be of several interpretations.

But, if there is a difference in both, should be looking into the basic attributes in them.

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The Ingredients From Which “Anti” Relationship Can Be Establishes.

Brahman and the material world are separate, we don’t know about the Brahman but we sure know the other one.

Then, what are the necessary ingredients that define a material world as it is?

I think the following are the essential characteristics to define it:

  • That the world is ever-changing, where there will be birth, decay and death and things happen repeats in themselves.
  • That, the beings whatever they do they will experience in their life in some way or the other it will bring dukkha / suffering.
  • That, everything in this world will have form and with that form comes its limitations.

These, are the attributes that I presume are to be correct in the context of the material world.

On top of the following above attribute, the Brahaman has presupposed an opposite attribute, which are:

  • the Brahaman, all supreme, it has no birth, no death and neither it can die nor can take birth. This means it has neither a beginning nor an end.
  • the Brahaman with the above attribute will never experience dukkha / suffering and there will be solace that a worldly being will never experience.
  • the Brahaman is formless and though it does exists but it does not have any form.

Therefore, by observing these attributes we way always find that the Brahaman is in opposite to the world we live and experience.

Therefore, rise the Anti-Thesis question of the world we live and experience.

Is the world showing, providing and experiencing the attributes to us are merely false and the reality is only looking the otherwise to those attributes. Thus, this anti-thesis question.

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Is Survival Is The Only Sense In The Material World?

We are living organism of this world, have attained a body with that developed sense of the world and always strive for resources for the existence of the material body we have.

In doing all these task of wherein, everyday we wake up in the morning, do our daily jobs from till we sleep is a constant urge of unhappiness in the life we live in.

We tend to understand that, the jobs we are doing daily have no ultimate end but a daily dose of illusion so that we can have the constant urge of survival in this world.

We always look the survival of ourselves first and then afterwords that of the world. The path we have chosen does not add to the spiritual upliftment of ourselve rather than diving more into the suffering of the material world.

We tend to left behind below because we are busy developing our own world that does not make sense, because the attributes (as mentioned in above head) does not allow us to successfully implement, the things that we try to achieve. It will always lead to the path of dukkha.

The path one must chose is to digress and change our sense towards the understanding of the material world and the way it works. This will help in developing the Brahaman within ourselves.

The anti-thesis is not a general question but rather one intriguing its mind towards the understanding of the path of understanding the material world.

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What If Their Is No Liberation Or Gaining Peace With Mind?

Our primary goal in spirituality is to obtain liberation. Whenever, we try to obtain something in the material world it is bound to give dukkha/suffering in the world.

This is so because whenever one involves into something related to material world, the end result it will give is suffering and not peace.

Such will be the case with liberation per se, because, it is not thing but an experience.

One has to learn to play with the Maya/ the material world by keen observation and decency to approach towards the better understanding of the things and not to remain binding towards the thing.

If one knows the ‘Anti-Thesis’ question which has been proposed in this article, one try to observe the Brahaman or the other side of the material things that, is imposes.

By knowing and understanding the other side of the material world, there will be gaining peace of mind, because by knowing the nature of  this world, we know the end result every form of possession or matter coming contact with us.


Liberation is the goal and understanding the material world is the only path to achieving liberation. The path one must lead, by observation, the nature of this world.

By understanding the nature of this world, a person will be qualified to understanding the Brahaman.

We also came into conclusion that, the Brahaman is the opposite to the material world, where a yogi or a person, learns the phenomena that arise with the matter for being in this world, and knowing the nature of the matter, for obtaining liberation or the Brahaman.

The path is always open, the only action one can take is to take ourselves to the better footing towards the Brahaman.