Traveling Through Your Timeline Of Your Life

We all are travelling through time along, from the day we are brought into this world, by not knowing what this world is and what is our purpose, but simply by a miracle we come into existence. With this begins the timeline of your life. However, this starts the clock ticking, anyone who is born into the world with a blank mind and no inbuilt behaviour starts the journey in creation of his only fate to find the keys that will nurture him through.

The Infancy

In beginning, the impression of this world is just the blank having no inbuilt behaviour of yours shape with, only a loud cry for the desire that starts the body to take in the first breath so that, the air is pumped into your body and the system of the body starts its process without the external aid from our mother. The day we are born is the day our time starts.

No one escapes, only the one himself nurtures through itself and it is a good thing that is happening. Taming ourselves to oblivion till we reach an understanding of the sense of the world we live in.

We in a little time understand that, to get food one has to cry so that the mother would care and feed us to overcome the situation. We then tend to start develop our life through the senses we observe the world around us. We start to observe the persons who are friendly and caring for us and start to crave for more caring from them.

The infancy travel of time is filled with such naivety that we don’t even know how to control our body we only tend to feed ourselves and the position in which we will relax and have the healthy motherly sleep with.

The Childhood and Adolescence.

Then we tend to grow to have the sense that we have more to desire in our life than to just feed on mothers milk and sleep on her lap. We tend to desire to walk or just like as are parents and the loved ones are doing, to be like them and among them. We then try to eat, sleep, run and do every activity as our elders do, that becomes the priority and we start to walk and learn to speak like them and the way with the manner they do.

Therefore, from the date the child comes into existence it starts to defy all that it started from his/her beginning where he/she will leave whatever he had with him/her. That is to explain, the mother is attached to her child but she is in process where she will leave her child in a procedural manner.

This life of time travel has now been through a big hardship but now it demands more out of it so that, the life need filling. We again start to learn more about our body, about our teeth that are used to chew tasty and yummy foods, our desire to do an activity with our hands to create or to destroy with it, our mouth with which we express desires more subtly that can please us more. We are now on the track to become the infant from the world which is around us.

Evaluating The Everchanging Spectrum.

No one, is greater it is only me who is greater has now to come into it (or sometimes not). We demand new toys because they create the desire we tend to imagine for having fun. We run along with our siblings or neighbour just to show we are good using the skills that we learned in this small time. This goes on for the quite a few more years to mend. That is what timeline of your life brings to.

We through this time see the people responding not like us with whom we create good relation or not so good relation. We do these things a lot of time in our life, people come and go in this time travel because they are also going through the same time travel journey of theirs. Nevertheless, this the timeline of the life we choose.

Throughout we learn new interest in the world, we start to create our piece of the domain into the world in what we are good. We also come inside and around the community of the same kind of people because it tends to match domains in which our desires are wandering. It is always something new to learn and to new to explore to do in this world because the growth with which the mind creates desire never dies it stays on.

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It is never a time that we get found of something and it does not arrive at us, it does in somewhere or other. We know our desires the founders and the things that we don’t want, that is deeply engraved in us. We practice it daily because it fulfils our existence. But things start to gets emboldened into a different direction in this journey of time.

We till now have achieved a lot from what we had desired and have made into reality till now. We have all the appreciation all we want that makes us feel great and it is also the reality now. But deep inside our mind now tends to flicker into all the things we have achieved till now.

What We Will Do With Our Accomplishments?

The greatness we have achieved till now is the reality, but what is next that further fulfil the cause and the desire to keeps arising itself. We now tend to delve into the dilemma of where to begin from so to arrive at the end.

There should be only one way, that is, to learn some new activity such as learn a new language, try something new that is going in fashion. How about the new movie that has released this Friday or the new restaurant which has opened near the next street. How about learning to play music like flute or guitar that will add great excitement to what we are. Certainly being these adds up into the timeline of your life.

The list of the desires takes a new gear or its starts to rust with this time travel now. The mind has now started to wander into different oblivion that makes itself feels great in it but it does not come from the deep within.

The mind does not fix anything now into new, old or something that is coming towards. By now the energy to fuel desires has also now come with lots of breaks because we have achieved the major sparks in life.

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So what is left by this all we have gone through. Now that, we have achieved all the things in life, we also have a family and is in the part of nurturing a new being from ourselves. Accomplishments are the best parts of the timelines of your life.

Still, the part of incompleteness that exists within inside that, does not let you settle you and your mind in doing some activity. This is because, we have also been drilled into doing such activity that, makes us active because our minds are fixed into the domain of creating and fulfilling new desires that arise.

This goes on to a major chunk of your time travel with now is left is the suffering of not able to fulfil desires through the mind is at work that lets you imagine and create desires somehow, the body does not suit you in for that.

So When It all End?

The ageing of the time travelling is now seen its time itself but it still wants to continue with all the fun the world can provide because the world has changed and it has created new opportunities to have fun and wonder to explore.

But all ends and everything in the time travel stops not to end this travel but to begin with the same story in a different arena that becomes the sensation of the time that goes by from us.

It only makes the end when we jolted by the fact that, whatever we did for ourselves has not archived nothing and it will not achieve nothing by the activities we have been doing till now. Nowhere, this makes an end no place it will end.

The whole, body stops at this conclusion that, their is no end and we have to function every time from the beginning and with that, the life with started with a cry makes its end with a cry. Hence, never ending the timeline of your life.

The escape to this gust of activities is inevitable or it could not be timeline of the life as we know it till now?