Why Spirituality Must Be Taught?

We during our learning period go through a number of subjects to study. Out of which we left behind knowing about knowing and studying ourselves the most. Spirituality is kind of a subject that helps us teach about ourselves. A person may learn a number of subjects in their lives but managing himself is the real task. For knowing oneself is for which spirituality must be taught.

Spirituality always helps someone to grow, it is a necessary subject that must be taught to kids and of all ages.

Spirituality means raising someone’s spirit a person learning his way in spirituality does help to raise his spirit. A man creating an understanding of things as it helps to discover new things about the way society, the human psyche is structured and helps grow intellectually.

So What Can Be Core Areas Spirituality Helps Someones?

As we discussed spirituality is nothing but observing things as they are. We are mostly influenced by the external impressions that we take such decisions that are unhealthy materially as well as mentally.

Therefore, by teaching oneself spirituality one may develop attributes learning to deal with difficult situations.

So these are some following reasons for teaching spirituality:

  • To Understand Compassion
  • To Know Why Wealth Is Needed
  • To Know Your Attachments
  • To Know How One Must Lead His/Her Life?
  • To Know That There Is More To The World Than Meets Our Senses?

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To understand compassion

The art of compassion is subtle and is always the first teaching that is given when someone is dealt with while creating bonding and relationship.

We, people, are social animals and as instinctive animal nature, we forget that, to maintain compassion towards our people surrounding us.

Keeping a good and healthy connection with people but also not just to make a relationship out of it but a bonding such that there is no space of unwelcoming from each other.

There will be always mutual respect and there is always a moment where one is always available in bad situations.

With compassion one also learns to take care of hi surrounding because the better the surrounding a person lives he create heaven where he can grow.

Compassion also says about non-killing and not hurting lower beings such as animals and insects.

But it should be viewed with a larger spectrum of human bonding where the society or the attachment to self does not kill someone with higher authority to loot or disgust others outright.

With compassion, a spiritual lesson is taught that a person becomes well behaved and civilised in making his surroundings.

To Know Why Wealth Is Needed

In our present structure of society, one is always busily engaged in earning cash, money to sustain its living.

But what is rather observed is that some people are so much involved in money that they lose the fear of the world and nature that consequently damages our world of nature.

With so much money one loses control over his needs and buys and consumes unnecessary and useless for there is no rational justification and real benefit.

One control of his wealth also helps a person understand that there is much more than consumption through buying from wealth and just wasting the money on the task or things that have no real purpose.

One learns through spirituality the control of his own wealth. For that, a person sees that how unnecessary expenses are flowing away.

In spirituality, one learns the control to sense action and with that, we learn about the things that require for survival first and then about the things which can be acquired for non-serious things.

No one is perfect and thus, observation and control are firmly established with one action.

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To Know Your Attachments

Learning to know your attachments is the continuation of learning to control your money.

When you start to make the right choices with your money you are then by default comes with you not getting affected by the attachments that you had.

However, attachments get deeper than what money can get you.

To relate this with, attachment can go beyond money, such as you have a very old thing which belongs to you dead mother, now is that that thing has no use to you and it only demands time and energy of yours just to keep your attachment fulfilled.

Things like toxic relationships, things that have no relevance to your growth and drinking liquor or intoxicants without any reason, for that it just makes you falsely happy.

You become a slave to your attachments, you and your mind will become attached to things that are not of importance for your growth. The attachment sucks out your time and energy.

Free from attachment, and with the power to observe not draw towards unnecessary things, a person developed and well taught in spirituality will never dissolve his mind in petty things.

Attachments will form and wither away from his mind without making a shadow in it, thus, a feeling of joy and energy is created within.

To Know How One Must Lead His/Her Life?

Leading a life is another part one learns from his spiritual journey. A person in his life goes through different domains in his life wherein, he first lives the life of a student then a bread earner, then a father/mother and then a master in his career. A life with age fixing itself with one or more kinds of the domain to experience.

However, one life leads to problems in each form of a domain that he must fight through to better expand his understanding. By generating the right understanding and effort from observing from the gross level to the subtle level of understanding, one leads its life with the surrounding he or she creates with it.

By spiritual learning, a person learns to observe his way through different domains his journey leads to. With deeper spiritual knowledge or learning the person learns that the quality of life and the domains created in the society are rather not very helpful for his or her growth.

He ascertains and validates that by function in leading oneself in the career and kids he is just functioning as being not doing something for his good and it does not lead to anywhere.

This is why teachers like Mahavir and Buddha developed their understanding that leading a normal human design life does not help in living a life greater. Then, the spiritual path becomes the greater and that becomes the ultimate goal.

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To Know That There Is More To The World Than Meets Our Senses?

This is the final footing that a person may learn from spirituality. Although the aspect of it is negative in sense it is the truth.

We are the people of sense and we always act according to the sense sphere that determines our actions. The stimulus to sense action is so strong where one may do good to greater actions or may do bad to worse action in life.

By learning spirituality one learns the thing between the greater good and worst. The path is beyond what we observe from our 5 senses. The domain of spiritual path or sanyas is available for such a being.

Sanayas is the ultimate learning from spirituality and the last goal of the learning is to give yourself to the domain of the supreme Brahama and the path to the self.

Ones have to pass through the various test of his sense sphere where the person has to observe constantly on what he is doing. By knowing what he is doing he attains wisdom and with wisdom, he never delves into the good nor to the evil. The differentiation ends and might lead to the perfect ending of one’s life.

The reality of life is that it ends at some point we as humans have the right to determine when and how such an end will happen. We have the tools the knowledge to determine such a path, and that requires a lot above the sense sphere or above the animal nature of the human.


Therefore, by learning through spirituality a person learns his way of life. The life of just and knowledge is its path. People in life tend to dive into things that are outside their body and forget to learn what exists within themselves. Spirituality does not require a teacher it requires a passion for self-inquiry and the path leading to it.

A person with a passion can learn from books and reading about the life of some authors and person who have seen things as it is. There is always an awareness of one to the supreme and no place for going below it. There is no regret of acquiring wealth nor that fame has been achieved.

The ultimate path to humans is thus discovered by oneself.


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